Sichuan food is very famous with its unique flavor and the level of spicy. Therefore, Grand Szechuan is the synonym of both Sichuan food and spicy food.
Anyone who dined in our restaurant found that the Grand Szechuan menu is very big. Because, Sichuan food owns a wide range of categories, and each category has its own different cooking method and flavor. For example, In Sichuan food each dish which is made of from Chicken, beef, lamb, duck, seafood, tofu and vegetable has its own unique taste and flavor. The more menu you taste, the more you feel that each dish has its own different flavor.

Another unique of Sichuan food is the level of spicy. People from Sichuan province think that spicy flavor of Sichuan food is good for health. Because, the believe that when you eat spicy food in a hot, humid climate, you do not feel heat as you do. They also believe that spicy food is good for digestion and the Sweat from eating spicy food cleans their body from toxins. The Sichuan chef believes that using spicy oils can preserve the food better. In this section, we will demonstrate the complete beauty of the complete Sichuan food menu.