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Chinese noodle

Where to find the best Chinese food in Bloomington? Bloomington is one of the most popular business oriented towns in the Minneapolis in the United States. This beautiful town is known for its peaceful culture and some delightful coastal cuisines. There are many restaurants in Bloomington that serve typical Chinese food. Apart from that there […]

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The origin of Szechuan food

Szechuan (also known as Sichuan in the States) food is one of the most distinguished food label in the world. Sichuan province is located in south-western China where can be found many of China’s most interesting natural wonders, wildlife preserves, archaeological sites, ancient engineering achievements, museums, and ancient buildings that are unique in China. Sichuan […]

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Lets visit again who is Grand Szechuan and what is Szechuan food

 Grand Szechuan Restaurant Share on: Facebook Google+ About Grand Szechuan Share on: Facebook Google+ Grand Szechuan Restaurant is an authentic Szechuan food dining restaurant in Bloomington, Minnesota. From 2008, we have been serving the genuine Szechuan cuisine menu for the customers in Twin Cities and beyond. We serve the unique traditional authentic Szechuan cuisine menu. [...]
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