How to make Black pepper beef noodles?

How to make Black pepper beef noodles? Last time we introduced “Chinese Black Pepper Beef”, which is one of the most ordered Szechuan food in Grand Szechuan. Today we are going to introduce , the cooking process of how to make “black pepper beef noodles”. As you known that the Szechuan flavor noodles are very important part of Szechuan food menu. Americans like homemade spaghettini, and it is delicious. Today we are going to use the most of the ingredients and material which are used on spaghettini. For example, black pepper, onions, beef and pasta. For details, please visit, We really appreciate Elaine, all pictures in this post are from If you want to taste what is like Black pepper beef noodles, please visit our restaurant Grand Szechuan which is located at 10602 France Ave S, Bloomington, MN 55437, or you can also visit our website