Grand Szechuan (Da Sichuan) Restaurant

Grand Szechuan Restaurant is a Szechuan food dining restaurant in Bloomington, Minnesota. From 2008, we have been serving the genuine Szechuan cuisine menu   in Twin Cities, Minnesota. (Key words:Sichuan food in St.Paul and Minneapolis)

Our menu include, appetizers and soup, snacks, beef and lamb, seafood, duck & chicken, pork, tofu & vegetables, fried rice, lo mein, cho mein and egg foo young.

We have a highly skilled Szechuan food Chef

We are authentic Sichuan food because we have one of the most authoritative, highly skilled and experienced Sichuan food chef, Mr.Luo serves in our restaurant. He had more than 20 years of cooking experience in Szechuan food prior to joining us in 2008. His skills of cooking the unique and authentic Szechuan cuisine, not only have been made him famous in Twin Cities, but also have been established certain amount of loyal customers to Grand Szechuan Restaurant.

We are located at 10602 France Ave S, Bloomington, MN 55437. For reservation, please call (952)888-6507.

Szechuan food is the label of Szechuan province

If you want to learn what is Szechuan food, first you need to learn where is the Szechuan food from. Szechuan food is from Sichuan province which is located in south-western China. Sichuan is the home of Panda.

In China, Szechuan food is one of the most distinguished parts of the Chinese cuisine. Usually, Szechuan food uses the same material as most of the chinese cuisines do, such as chicken, pork, beef, seafood, vegetables and tofu. However, the ingredients and unique flavor of Szechuan food make it very distinct from others. Szechuan food has two key elements which are Szechuan originated ingredients and process of cooking. As a result, this two elements make Szechuan food very unique and special among other Chinese food. Therefore, people from Sichuan believed that Szechuan food is the label of Sichuan province. Key words: szechuan food in st paul, chinese restaurant near me and chinese food

Why Grand Szechuan Restaurant?

If you would like to taste the authentic Szechuan food, Grand Szechuan is the right choice. Because, here, we not only use Szechuan originated ingredients, such as chili pepper, spicy pepper and other ingredients, but all dishes are cooked by one of the most authoritative Szechuan food chef in US. We believe that the flavor of the food is completely different if the ingredients are grown in different parts of China, or  dishes are not cooked by a real Szechuan food chef.

Our menu highlighted the most popular dishes according to our customer’s taste and the review on social media. We have new items added or some items are removed accordingly. So far, we have earned very good reputation in many of social media, including Google, Yelp, Facebook, Tripadvisor, Yellow page and more.

We strongly you to write and rate your dining experience with us in order to let our new customers learn about our food and services. You comments are also very important for us to know how we are doing. You are more than welcome to leave your comment and rate by scanning the related icons on the right.

Booking a table

Booking is easy. To make reservation, please call us at (952) 888-6507 after 11 am, Monday to Friday or use the form bellow.

Private dining & events

There are special spaces available for corporate party, birthday, formal dining and receptions.

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