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Grand Szechuan Restaurant is an authentic Szechuan food restaurant in Bloomington, Minnesota. Since opened in 2008, we have been serving the genuine Szechuan flavor food for the customers in Twin Cities and beyond.
We have our special menu featuring all kinds of dishes made in the tradition of Szechuan foood which is considered one of the most distinguished part of Chinese cuisine. Our menu includes numerous versions of chicken, pork, beef, seafood, vegetables and tofu. Each entrée comes with complimentary fried or steamed rice, soup, salad and an eggroll. Consider the pork belly in garlic sauce, spicy hammered chicken, pork ears in chili sauce or couple’s beef. The appetizers at Grand Szechuan can be very easily combined into a main dish, such as sweet & spicy noodles, or steamed mini buns, or Szechuan cold bean jelly.

Sichuan (also known as Szechuan in the states). The province of Sichuan is in southwestern China. It contains many of China’s most interesting natural wonders, wildlife preserves, archaeological sites, ancient engineering achievements, museums, and ancient buildings that are unique in China. Szechuan is the home of panda which is a rare animal in the world.

If you like spicy food, Sichuan cuisine is the right choice. Szechuan food is an important regional cuisine in China, one of the four major Chinese cuisines as well as Canton food, Shanghai food and Shandong food.

Grand Szechuan Restaurant serves authentic Szechuan flavor food. Our menu highlighted the most famous dishes according to our customer’s taste and the review on social media. We have new items added or some items are removed accordingly. So far, we have earned very good reputation in many of social media, including Google, Yelp, Facebook, Trip Adviser, Yellow page and more.
We really appreciate and welcome you to write and rate your dining experience with us in order to let more customers learn about our food and services. You comments are also very important for us to know how we are doing. You are more than welcome to leave your comment and rate by scanning the related icons on the right.

Chinese Culinary is considered to be one of the best cuisines of the world. For years, Chinese Restaurant in twin cities- Minneapolis and St Paul have been preparing finest yet spicy food for taste travelers who came down here from different provinces of the country. Although there are four popular cooking styles among all Szechuan Food in Twin Cities is highly famous.

We at Grand Szechuan Restaurant have the profound understanding and experience of cooking Chinese Food. That’s why we are counted among the best Chinese food restaurant in Minnesota. We ought to deliver the same old and classic taste of Szechuan cuisine to Americans which is somewhere lost in the modern gastronomy.

Chinese cuisine is colorful and extensive. But none of them can match with the mouthwatering flavors Szechuan food delivers. That’s why wherever you go in China, you will find Szechuan dishes. At Grand Szechuan Restaurant, we are trying to incorporate all those tang and spicy flavors in our dishes which will appeal you to come here again and again.

Besides, to provide the authentic Chinese dining experience, we have prepared special menu. Go through it and we assure you that you can’t restrict yourselves from providing us a chance to serve.

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