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Ultimate dining experience like no other
Grand Szechuan Restaurant is an authentic Szechuan food dining restaurant in Bloomington, Minnesota. We have been serving Sichuan food for customers from Minneapolis, St.Paul since 2008.

In China, Szechuan food is one of the most distinguished parts of the Chinese cuisine. Usually, Szechuan food uses the same material as the most of the chinese cuisines do, such as chicken, pork, beef, seafood, vegetables and tofu. However, the ingredients and unique flavor of Szechuan food make it very distinct from others.

Many people think, Szechuan food is very hot and spicy. In reality, that is not the case. We have different level of spicy flavours which are very strong, strong and mild. You can also taste sweet flavor among the Szechuan cuisine.

Authentic Szechuan food has two key elements which are Szechuan originated ingredients and process of cooking. As a result, this two elements make Szechuan food very unique and special among other Chinese food. Therefore, people from Sichuan believed that Szechuan food is the label of Sichuan province.


Our Chef

Ultimate dining experience like no other
Szechuan is very proud of having the most respected and experienced Sichuan food cook, Chef.Luo. Since he joined Grand Szechuan in 2008, his skills of cooking the unique and authentic Szechuan cuisine, not only made him famous in twin cities, but also established certain amount of loyal customers to Szechuan cuisine. Wherever Chef Luo goes, his loyal customers have been followed to him all the time. We are very proud of having Chef Luo to cook in our restaurant and loyal customers of Szechuan food.

Grand Szechuan received recognition both from customers and media

We have been highlighting the unique feature of Szechuan food when we serve our menu. For this reason, our customers are fully recognised that Grand Szechuan is the genuine Szechuan food restaurant in Twin Cities. So far, we are very proud of we become one of the formal dining restaurants of many companies, government organizations and local people who want to eat spicy food.

Since 2009, Grand Szechuan Restaurant received the highest review from Local media. In 2015, Mpls.St.Paul Magazine honored Grand Szechuan Restaurant as the “Best of Twin Cities ” and the “50 Best Restaurants in Twin Cities ” in 2014. In 2014, City Page recognized the Grand Szechuan Restaurant as the “BEST CHINESE RESTAURANT in the year”. Grand Szechuan was Recognized as no 1 best Chinese restaurant by Zomato.


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